My Final Project

My final project is an overview of Product Placement in modern day films. It discusses what a product placement is and covers what the general consensus towards it is. I included several examples from different movies with different extremes of product placement to highlight the variability and differences in use of product placement.


2 thoughts on “My Final Project

  1. Brian,

    This is a solid video on product placement, one which is very informative and which offers enough examples to back up your many points. The sound mixing (the echoey voice-over) remains the only sticking point in this video essay, while the tone of the script wavers between class project/academic piece (“in this video I will talk about…”) and casual/conversation (“so next time you’re at a movie…”) and I wished you’d worked on blending the two more closely.
    Good work.

    Attendance/Participation C+
    Blog Posts B
    HER Scene Study C+
    Final Project
    Presentation C+
    Video Essay B+


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